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Common low-tox dilemmas solved

I have talked before about some of the changes you can make to be low-tox and there are a couple of reasons why this is useful – your own health, the heath of your family and the health of the environment.

So, today I wanted to share with you some of the strategies I use in my daily life to keep my eco-friendly journey on track.

  1. Cloth shopping bags. Yes I know, it’s a constant bug bear, getting to the checkout and you have yet again forgotten your shopping bags. Quick fix – as soon as you unpack them at home put them straight back in the boot of your car! The first few times you may forget so I suggest pinning a note to one of them to remind yourself.
  2. Have a spare bottle of everything. Have you ever run out of the low-tox products you love and then you can only buy them online and you don’t have time to wait for them to be shipped? Quick fix – buy 2 bottles next time then all you need to do is when you open your spare, order a new one. That way you always have a spare and you will never run out.
  3. Foam it up. Do you miss the foam that comes with your old handwash? I know we all subconsciously think we get cleaner when there is foam and that sometimes low-tox products foam up less, and even though we are getting just as clean we may not feel like it. Quick fix – buy a foaming bottle, yep that is right, you can buy a soap dispenser that will foam up your liquid for you so you feel super clean.
  4. Travelling can still be low-tox. I know it’s tempting to use those little hotel shampoos and conditioners but even though they are tiny and cute, you cannot guarantee their safety. Quick fix – always have a toiletry bag packed with travel containers of your favourite products so you can just grab and go.
  5. Drinks on-the-go. How often have you been out and needed a quick drink of water or to recharge with a coffee and had to use a disposable bottle or cup? There is so much waste created in our world from these 2 products alone that it is worthwhile thinking ahead. Quick tip – pop a travel mug and small water bottle in your handbag so you can just fill and go.

I hope these quick fixes give you some good strategies to solve some of the low-tox problems that pop up all the time. Check out our products in the menu above that can help you replace some of the things you currently use with some safer alternatives.

J xx