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Essential items for your emergency travel pack

There was one day during my first IVF cycle when I was heading home from the clinic, desperately tired and looking forward to falling into bed when I heard a strange noise coming from my car. I hoped and prayed that I was just imagining it but nope, as I pulled around the corner my car spluttered to a stop.

Now this wasn’t what I had planned and I was super grateful that my husband, Con was able to head straight out to help me.

But the other thing I was grateful for was that I always kept an emergency pack in my car. It includes a change of clothes, some natural wipes, a towel and a heap of products that mean that if I am stuck anywhere (even overnight) I have all the necessities I need to get me through. This pack has also come in handy in the past when I was at a medical appointment and had a longer than expected wait time, and we all know that going through IVF there are plenty of wait times.

So, what is in my pack? Well, here is a rundown on the things I always keep it stocked with!

  1. A good deodorant has to be top of the list, in fact I carry this Grahams Natural Roll On Mineral Deodorant (Aloe) in my hand bag all the time anyway but just in case, I include a second in my emergency pack. Not only has this been helpful in an emergency but I know that I can always replace the one in my handbag if it happens to run out.
  2. A liquid soap is a must-have and the Botani PhytoBody Wash is great as it substitutes as a shampoo as well. Now that I have little kids there have been a number of times when having some soap on hand has been a lifesaver both for me and them. Even in the middle of Covid, there were many times I went into a bathroom to find the soap dispenser empty or couldn’t find a bathroom nearby at all.
  3. Skin hydration is one of my luxury items in my kit. It’s a great idea especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors or in air conditioning. This soothing facial mist is great for space saving but also means I can give my face and any other small areas a quick spray and feel instantly hydrated.
  4. Lip balm, ok I know this might seem like a bit of a useless item but lip balm is one of those items that I think is worth it for its size. It’s tiny and so useful if you suffer from dry lips, because you want to be careful of getting other lotions in your mouth I always carry a lip balm like this one in my kit. I am actually a bit addicted to lip balm. I keep one in every bag, in the car, on my desk, in the kitchen and in my bedroom. It may seem over the top but I can’t tell you how many times being able to find a lip balm easily has given me the little pick me up I need to get me through the day.
  5. So mouthwash might seem like something that you only keep in your bathroom at home but there have been a few occasions where I have forgotten I have a medical appointment to go to and have eaten a garlicky lunch and then immediately regretted it. Cue my trusty mouthwash, it’s small and easy enough for me to use to freshen up my breath quickly.
  6. Weleda Skin Food is one of my must-have items because I can use it anywhere on my body and it doesn’t take up a lot of space in my kit. It’s an intensive moisturiser but also soaks in quickly so you can use it on the run.
  7. This next item is one that as women going through IVF we hope we won’t ever need but think of it like this, your emergency kit isn’t just for you so having panty liners in there isn’t necessarily expecting the worst. As well as that you can often experience spotting even when pregnant so these are a great item to have on hand just in case.
  8. Ever bumped or bruised yourself and just had to go on with your day? That is where arnica oil comes in, not only does this little oil soothe the area but it has also been shown to reduce swelling and bruising and make recovery time much faster.
  9. And for those cuts and wounds Weleda Hypercal Healing Cream is perfect. It’s anti-inflammatory and promotes skin repair so a great one to have on hand.

These 9 items are always in my emergency kit which I carry in my car all the time, I often add in extra items as I come across other usual products but regardless of what you decide to have in yours, I hope that you find it useful and it gets you out of some scrapes.