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Finding my way with low-tox products

I haven’t always used low-tox products. There was a time when I just picked up whatever looked good on the supermarket shelf, usually the products that promised they would have amazing results.

I didn’t think about what effect they had on my body past whether they made my hair shiny and my skin glow.

It was my holistic GP who first discussed switching off to some safer products. This was well before we started trying to conceive and at the time fertility wasn’t at the front of my mind, but it seemed like it would be something that would benefit my overall health. I started to consider each product that I was using and slowly implemented some changes.

So by the time we started IVF, we had already started on our low-tox journey. I must admit though it was fairly half-hearted. It was IVF that really took things up a notch and got me thinking seriously about the products I was using, not just in the bathroom but throughout the whole house and beyond.

What did that journey look like?

Well I started with the products I put on myself – our skin is our biggest organ and the creams, lotions, washes, etc we put on it are all absorbed. I was already mindful of products with strong smells as I suffer migraines and strong smells have such a negative impact on me. I guess in that way I had been mindful my whole life of the products I was using.

When looking at actual products, it was face, skincare, teeth and bath products that were the first I changed. I then went to our laundry and kitchen to make changes there. Changing Hubby was and still is a work in progress. I felt like though that every product I successfully changed over was one step closer to being completely tox-free.

Once we got the big fat positive test result, I focused my baby product wishlist on natural products. I remember being gifted some mainstream products, knowing that I wouldn’t use them and also feeling like I couldn’t donate them for someone else to use on their newborn. It was such a dilemma at the time and I wished that I had spoken up beforehand so these products never left the shelf.

It was a sometimes tough journey as I found that not everyone understands the importance of cutting out these products. I truly believe though that making these changes in our lives have positively impacted not just my fertility journey but mine and my family’s overall health and wellness in general.


P.s. The picture accompanying this blog was taken in my kitchen and is of the surface spray I use. When I first sprayed it, the photographer, makeup artist and stylist who were supporting me on my branding shoot were amazed with the smell and fell in love with the product.