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Feeling the stress of IVF? Take a tox free break

IVF is one of the miracles of modern medicine but when you are going through treatment it can feel anything but miraculous. The hormones, the testing, the constant stress about whether you are doing everything you can to ensure success.

I have been there and I know that all the advice to destress to improve your chances often does little more than make you more stressed.

But dear one, I am here to tell you that taking some time out to create space and relaxation for yourself is about more than just the IVF process. As you go through this journey you start to lose yourself a bit and self-care breaks can help you find yourself again even if just for an hour.

When we prioritise ourselves, we create space to be able to do the things that are important in our lives. Whether that is looking after our families, running around to endless appointments or keeping on top of our business or career.

Here at Ecolix, I know that being able to just pop out to a day spa for the day isn’t always possible and may in fact, at this time be completely out of the question. I also know that IVF brings with it additional expenses.

So, I want to help you create a day spa relaxation experience at home with my 4 simple steps. And of course, we are doing it all with tox free products because we know that the safety and health of you and your family is so important especially at this time.

Now before you start we want you to set the scene –  let anyone else in the house know to keep the noise down, turn off your phone or put it on airplane mode, turn down the lights and light your favourite candle.

Step 1 – Scrub away all the things that no longer serve you!

I love salt scrubs, they are amazing on your skin but also for your soul. While you are gently exfoliating away all the skin cells you no longer need, take some time to consider what limiting thoughts you can start to clear from your mind and what you need to declutter from your life in general. Maybe it is all the worries and stress about the process you are going through or maybe it is other areas in your life that are creating extra challenges.

My favourite salt scrub product

natural botanical scrub and mask

Botani Exfoliating 2 in 1 Botanical Scrub and Mask

Step 2 – Soak in the goodness

There is something about a long soak in the tub that does wonders for us both physically and mentally. Enjoy your favourite book, listen to an inspiring podcast or just enjoy the silence. There is so little space in our lives for doing absolutely nothing so give yourself permission to just be in this space you have created. It might also be a nice time for you to start creating a positive mental image of the journey you are on.

My favourite bath soak productWeleda's Lavender Relaxing Bath Milk

Weleda Bath Milk Lavender (Relaxing) 200ml


Step 3 – Bring back your glow

It can be tempting to quickly jump out of the bath and get straight back into daily life but take a moment here and nourish your skin and hair with something completely luxurious. There is a transition here as you make your way slowly back into the world of tasks and demands.

My favourite body and hair oil

Natural hydrating Body and Hair OilBotani Coconut Glow Body and Hair Oil 125ml


Step 4 – Find a scent

Our brains respond strongly to scent, we store it in our Amygdala which is why a certain smell can bring a wave of emotions. This is an incredible tool to harness for your own mental wellbeing. So, here in my final step, I want you to find something that you enjoy the smell of, something that you can use on your skin easily.

My favourite body lotion

Natural Ausganica Organic Rose Body Lotion 250 ml

Ausganica (Organic) Rose Body Lotion


There is one more thing I want you to do as you step back into your life. Take your beautiful cream from Step 4 and place it somewhere you visit often – maybe it’s your handbag, the kettle, the bathroom sink.

Every time you see it I want you to take a little bit and rub it somewhere on your body.

As you do so remember the feeling of being totally relaxed, remember how important and deserving you are dear one and remember that it’s ok to take time for yourself to nourish and nurture the amazing being that you are.

Have questions about what products are suitable for you in your IVF journey? I would love to help! You can send me an email direct at

Julie x