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Low tox living to optimise your fertility, without the overwhelm

Our Mission

It’s widely known that certain chemicals can be disruptive to reproductive function. By removing toxins from your environment, you can eliminate one of the known obstacles on your journey to become a parent. Ecolix helps you choose beautiful low tox products with confidence.

Our Values

We evaluate every item with care and pride ourselves on the quality and credibility of the products we stock. You can trust what you see here is reliable and clean.
Everyone's path to becoming a parent is unique, and it's not always easy. We recognise and admire your resilience—because we've been there too.
Whether you’re preparing for pregnancy, struggling with fertility, or on the IVF journey already, we’re here to support you with beautiful low tox products that acknowledge your needs.
Magnificent Joy
Our low tox products can be the catalyst for tiny moments of joy. Choosing them gives you a sense of control and inspires you to put yourself first.
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Our Founder

Hello, I’m Julie

Before starting Ecolix, I’d never stopped to look at what ingredients were in my household goods. But when faced with a challenging journey to become a parent (which involved three rounds of IVF), I started to pay attention.

The labels revealed a scary truth. My husband and I were surrounded by chemicals and toxins known to disrupt hormones and lead to infertility. Our everyday products were full of synthetic ingredients and the “nasties” my research had told me to avoid. 

With this new awareness, our journey towards low tox living began. 

As products ran out, I slowly replaced them with natural, toxin-free, eco friendly alternatives. It was a steep learning curve and pretty overwhelming at times, but we wanted any advantage we could get to become parents.

If you’ve never read the label before tossing something into your supermarket trolley, you’re not alone. The good news is it’s never too late to start. 

I’m on a mission to educate and empower more people to remove harmful substances from their homes with ease. Through Ecolix, I hope you find the journey towards low tox living less overwhelming and a lot more fun. 

Julie x

Ecolix Founder

P.s. The IVF was a success! (more on my journey to come)

Giving Back

Giving to organisations that assist people going through a challenging time with fertility is important to us. That’s why we donate 1% of all annual sales to Fertility Support Australia, a not for profit charity dedicated to sharing stories and supporting people facing infertility or fertility challenges.

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