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Pro tips to low tox your life

It’s not going to be a surprise to you to know that removing harmful chemicals from your life will improve your overall health, fertility and the health of your family. But if you have been on the low tox journey for a while it may seem like you have done as much as you possibly can right?

Well, there are a few products that you may have been unconsciously using that you could swap out to make sure you have eliminated as many toxins as possible.

Here are my top tips to uncover any lingering nasties that are making their way onto your skin:

  • Your favourite cuppa – don’t worry, I am not going to tell you to give it up completely though there have been studies that show reduced fertility with high caffeine consumption so if you drink a lot of coffee it might be worthwhile reducing your consumption. One of the things to look at when it comes to coffee though is to switch to an organic, fair trade version. This, not only reduces your exposure to harmful chemicals but also supports 3rd world countries in an ethical way. If you are a tea drinker the same applies but it’s also vital to look at the packaging on your favourite tea. If you are using loose leaf like our Healing Concepts range then you have the benefit of no bag. However if you are using a tea bag it’s worthwhile searching for a brand that doesn’t contain plastic, there are a few supermarket brands that you can find to avoid the added dangers of seeping a plastic tea bag in hot water.
  • First aid supplies – you may have used the same antiseptic or rash cream for many years. These are products we don’t use every day so often they slip through unnoticed. If you haven’t already gone through all your first aid supplies (don’t forget any vehicles and work) this is the perfect chance to go through them and replace anything that contains ingredients you don’t want to use on your skin. After all, these products are often used on open wounds or damaged skin, you definitely don’t want to be applying anything that could cause more damage.
  • Outdoors – you may have already gone over your home with a fine tooth comb but what about outside? Often our garages and sheds are a minefield of dangerous products that can be easily replaced with something safer for both ourselves and the environment. Include in this category anything you use on or in vehicles.
  • Your self-care appointments – this is an area you may not have full control over but you do have control over who you choose to deliver these services and what questions you ask. Massage therapists, body work practitioners, hair stylists, nail salons, yoga teachers are just a few examples. Check with them what products they are using while you are using their services. If you feel like they may not be in your best interest request a different product or choose a different business that feels safer for you.
  • Kitchen supplies – the bathroom is often the first place we look to eliminate products but there are often many items in the kitchen that may be a problem. What we put inside our body is just as important as what we put on our body. If our food and drinks are being contaminated by their containers then it’s time to switch. Think – drink bottles, food containers, pots and pans as well as products used in the kitchen like dishwashing powders and detergents. Abode Fruit and Veggie Wash is a plant based wash that easily removes dirt, bacteria and contaminants from your fresh produce.
  • Aromatherapy products – we all like our homes to smell nice but what if that smell is actually doing you harm? There are plenty of lovely smelling products that are also safe for you and your family. Take some time to look around your home today and double check that there are no air fresheners that are inadvertently polluting your air supply.
  • Air quality – on the topic of air quality there is not a lot you can do about the overall air quality in your town or city but you can control your home. There are a few ways you can improve your air quality. One is through the use of plants, find a list of the best plants for purifying air here. Studies have shown though that the number of plants you need to have to have a real effect is extremely high so whilst they are an aesthetically pleasing solution if you are really concerned about air quality (ie you live close to a busy road) it may be worthwhile investing in a good quality air purifier. We use the Smart Vaporiser and Humidifer at home which we love! It’s great for overnights when one of us has a cold. So calming and you can set and forget.

These 7 areas may feel overwhelming when you are trying to eliminate all chemicals that you are exposed to but remember it is an ongoing journey and each product you uncover is one less that is having an effect on your fertility and overall health!