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Abode Laundry Powder Blue Mallee Eucalyptus


  • Only natural ingredients
  • Suitable for front and top loader washing machines
  • Use in hot or cold water
  • Scented with organic Blue Mallee Eucalyptus essential oil
  • Australian made

Powerful laundry powder keeps clothes smelling fresher longer, all natural ingredients so its safe for all the family

Why we love it

I use the Abode Laundry Powder Blue Mallee Eucalyptus in our house. It is safe for the whole family and smells divine – so fresh it is like walking in a forest of eucalypts. I love that it’s super concentrated; we only need to use a little in each wash. It does a great job keeping our clothes clean – no small feat with two little people in the house who love messy play.

The important details

This natural laundry powder from Abode contains organic Blue Mallee Eucalyptus essential oil that keeps clothes smelling fresh all day. Abode Laundry Powder Blue Mallee Eucalyptus is grey water safe, septic safe and biodegradable. This top performing, highly concentrated natural laundry powder is a radical move away from mainstream supermarket laundry powders – it’s ideal for anyone looking to move to natural cleaning products.

Abode is our top choice for natural cleaning products as we believe they are one of the safest, hardest working and most affordable in our range. Even better, the range is available in bulk, with 4 litre and 4kg options, saving you money over time. This Australian made range is created and formulated by Naturopath and Building Biologist Nicole Bijlsma, a crusader for chemical-free living.

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