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Amenas Sea Minerals Targeted Care Cream 100g


Rich in minerals and herbals
Made out of pure sorrel and papaya
100 % Natural; free from parabens and artificial chemicals
Australian made


Targeted Care Cream could also be called “Ultra Boost Cream” as Ultra Boost is its main active ingredient. A fairly solid cream, only a small amount should be used on difficult skin problems. No need to dig out a blob of cream, simply wipe the surface and apply to the skin. Can be put on the pad of a band aid and applied that way too.

Excellent solution for Psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis.
Proven benefits of removing difficult spots and scars.
Provides immediate aid for insect bites.

As Targeted Care Cream is very high in Sea Mineral content, it will momentarily sting if applied to broken skin.

Sea Minerals are a rich source of essential minerals and trace elements, derived by natural processes from Australian oceans. All the minerals and trace elements in the Sea Minerals are in a water soluble form, and thus more easily absorbed by the body. Taken daily, they can provide minerals and trace elements sometimes lacking in our diet.

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