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Tea Tonic Cold Brew Tea Bottle 750ml



  • Glass bottle with silicone head
  • Perfect for iced tea
  • Choice of lid colours

Cold brew tea bottle, filters and strains your tea as you pour, a perfect gift for tea lovers

Cold brew tea bottle, perfect for warm summer days or when you want something different to sip! The clever silicone head of this wine bottle filters and strains your tea as you pour, giving you iced tea that is worthy of presentation straight from your fridge door. Cold water is the best way to brew iced tea, as no bitter tannins are released from the tea plant – leaving only a clean pure crisp infusion of tea.

This bottle comes in a protective cylindrical tube to make a perfect gift.

Choice of lid colours includes red, green, blue, black, white or green.

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TT Colour

Green, Red, White

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