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Euclove Natural Home Spray Citrus and Sage Blend


  • Naturally odour removing
  • Citrus and Clary Sage pure essential oils
  • Lasts for at least 6 hours
  • natural ingredients, Vegan and cruelty free
  • Australian owned and made

Naturally remove odours in your home for over six hours – no aerosols, masking agents or synthetic chemicals

Why we love it

With toddlers and an old dog in the house, a long lasting natural odour remover is a must. This one is a ripper and 100% natural so I feel confident* using it.

The important details

Euclove Natural Home Spray – Citrus and Sage Blend is made with premium pure essential oils that both smell great and are known for their long lasting natural odour remover properties. The unique combination of ingredients naturally removes odours rather than covering them up. Best of all, the scent stays around for hours leaving your home smelling fresh.

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*As the room spray contains pure essential oils, best not sprayed near animals or kids – I usually wait until they are out of the house to spray so the smell is not as strong.

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