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Fertility Positive Mindset and Affirmation Cards (free download)


  • Set of 20 positive affirmation cards
  • Use to support your fertility journey
  • Free for a limited time
  • Digital file only, print at home

Fertility Positive Mindset and Affirmation Cards to support your fertility journey

This digital download contains 20 printable affirmation cards in the Silhouette design. They are for anyone on their journey to conceive and are the perfect way to help you mindfully navigate the ups and downs of your fertility journey.

Fertility affirmation cards will remind you of your strength, patience, positive mindset and courage. I found affirmation cards particularly helpful during my challenging fertility journey and hope you love these as much as I do.

Affirmation cards work best when you read and repeat the messages. The powerful phrases will encourage positive changes in your life and help uplift and motivate you during your fertility journey.

Display the cards in places you frequently pass, your mirror, beside your bed, on your desk, or as your bookmark. Each time you see one, you will gain a little encouragement to help you through your journey.

  • Design: Silhouette & Leaf
  • Colours: Eucalyptus & Brandy Rose

Your digital file will include:
1 x downloadable PDF file containing four cards per sheet (each card is 8.95cm x 12.6cms)
1 x downloadable PDF file containing 20 individual cards

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