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Grahams Natural C Plus Cream (Eczema & Dermatitis relief)



  • Must have for all eczema sufferers
  • Cool, soothing feel to relieve itching and pain
  • Hydrating, steroid free formula
  • All natural ingredients, suitable for all ages
  • Australian made

Clinically formulated using all natural ingredients to reduce redness and inflammation of the skin

Grahams Natural C+ Eczema Cream contains clinically proven ingredients which aim to reduce redness and inflammation of the skin. Grahams Natural C+ Eczema Cream works to calm the skin, control the spread of bacteria and hydrate the skin. Specialy created ‘oil in water’ formula, which means it provides a cool, soothing feel to relieve itching and pain. Suitable for all ages, Grahams Natural C+ Eczema Cream is a must have for all eczema sufferers.

For best results, we recommend using with Grahams Natural Body and Bath Oil.

The Grahams Natural range was formulated by Geoff Graham, who suffered from eczema all his life. When his son Ryan was 14 months of age and was covered from head to toe with eczema, Geoff decided to do something positive about it. Geoff and his family have spent 17 years formulating products with only the highest quality natural ingredients to effectively treat a variety of different skin problems, including eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.

Beginning with Calendulis Plus Cream and Grahams Bath Oil, the original home remedies for his son Ryan, they now offer a range of balms, lotions, shampoos, body washes, deodorants and more. The products are created using only natural, effective and clinically tested ingredients. Grahams Natural packaging is recyclable, the products themselves are naturally formulated and steroid free.

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