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Healing Concepts Organic Chamomile Tea 40g


Teething in babies or applied to nappy to nappy rash
Reduce tension in an upset & stressed child
Depression, stress, nervous stomach & nausea, poor digestion, insomnia
Asthma, hay fever, gastrointestinal disorder, flatulence, food sensitivities, colic
Organic ingredients, non irradiated herbs


Chamomile reduces stress, promotes relaxation and more restful sleep. It’s a ‘safe tea’ and can be used to help relieve pain in babies and children and soothe bouts of colic.

May be useful for but not limited to:
Teething in babies or applied to nappy to nappy rash.
Reduce tension in an upset & stressed child.
For nausea & tummy cramps.
Depression, stress, nervous stomach, poor digestion, insomnia.
Asthma, hay fever, gastrointestinal disorder including indigestion, dyspepsia, flatulence, food sensitivities, colic, irritable bowel syndrome & nausea.
To stimulate & support the adrenals, kidneys, liver, bladder, spleen, gall & lungs.

Allergic reactions are mostly due to contamination with Athens cotula (contains anthecotulide, a contact allergen). Safe during pregnancy & lactation.

Origin: Egypt.

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