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Hurraw! Aura Balm Silver 5.8g


Illuminate naturally, loaded with shimmer
Coconut based accent balm – bright, top notes
Use on cheeks, brows, collarbones, anywhere!
Made with organic, vegan & raw ingredients


Illuminate yourself with our coconut based Aura accent balms. Loaded with shimmer; one dab will emanate your inner glow! Not glittery and not greasy, these balms glide on the skin with a silky, feather-light feel.

Silver Aura highlights skin with bright top notes. Use on cheeks, brow ridge, collarbones…anywhere!

Glass/Tin: In our efforts to reduce plastic, we chose glass and tin! Aura’s glass jar and tin lid are 100% recyclable.
Tiny Air Bubbles: Rare but sometimes appear on the surface due to our pouring process. These do not affect the product quality or performance in any way.

Made with organic, vegan, & raw ingredients.

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