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Hurraw! Tangerine Chamomile Lip Balm SPF15 4.3g


  • Juicy tangerine with hints of vanilla
  • SPF 15, super hydrating for smooth, supple lips
  • Skin-protecting antioxidants
  • Made with organic, vegan, & raw ingredients

Smooth & hydrate your lips with Hurraw! Tangerine Chamomile Lip Balm SPF15 made with organic, vegan, & raw ingredients

Hurraw! Tangerine Chamomile Lip Balm SPF15 will give your lips the extra protection they need when you are out and about in the strong Australian sun. It glides on silky smooth and has been formulated to be extra thick and creamy for longer staying power while out and enjoying sunshiny days.
While we love it
Packed full of amazing cold pressed oils to moisturise, protect and heal. Scented with juicy tangerine and hints of vanilla, the unique scent of roman chamomile lends a calming note.
Hurraw! use non nano Zinc Oxide in this Sun Balm. Zinc Oxide is the only all natural, broad spectrum (blocks both UVA and UVB) sun screen available today. Zinc Oxide is a mineral. It protects your lips by sitting on top of them and thus, provides a physical barrier against UVA and UVB rays. It actually deflects the rays away from the skin to prevent any harm. For adequate protection it must be applied often.
Just a few swipes of Sun balm are needed for protection, many swipes will give your lips an extra white tint. Be sure to apply it often for protection and to keep that physical zinc barrier present.
A quick note on SPF – SPF 15 means that your skin is protected 15x’s “longer” than without the SPF 15 product. If you have very fair skin, perhaps the Sun makes you “pink” in just 3 minutes. Therefore, an SPF 15 product would grant you 45 minutes in the Sun…BUT there are other factors consider: Time of day? Cloud cover? Are you on the water (or snow) where Sun rays are more concentrated? At a high altitude where you are literally closer to the Sun? Be Sun Smart. Listen to your body. Listen to the Sun. Big brimmed hats.
Benefits of Hurraw! Tangerine Chamomile Lip Balm SPF15

  • smooth, creamy hydration for your lips
  • loaded with skin-protecting antioxidants
  • blend of fair-trade, raw ingredients
  • made with organic & vegan ingredients
  • certified Cruelty-Free & Vegan
  • Bee free, Shea free, Soy free, Palm free

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