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Oil Garden Bamboo Ultrasonic Vaporiser


The Bamboo Ultra Sonic Vaporiser is a safe
Effective and pleasant way to use pure essential oils
For therapeutically and for creating ambience
Australian made & owned

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The Bamboo Ultra Sonic Vaporiser is a safe, effective and is a pleasant way to enjoy pure essential oils both therapeutically and for creating an aromatic ambience in any setting.

Purifies and humidifies the air
Safe and Cool to Touch
USB & Power Adaptor
Multi Colour LED Lighting
1 Year Warranty
40ml capacity
Minimum 3 hour run time
Auto power off when empty

Oil Garden is crafted using only the finest, all natural ingredients that are free of nasty additives and harmful synthetics, their products take essential oils back to their essence to offer you the best that nature has to offer. Oil Garden products are 100% pure and natural, cruelty free, vegan friendly, and locally blended and bottled in Australia for products that they feel good about making and you can feel good about using.

With over 30 years of experience, Oil Garden offers a complete portfolio of the purest Essential Oils sustainably sourced from the best growing conditions around the world, delivering genuine value without ever compromising on quality.

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