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Raw Medicine Magnesium Wellness Soak Calm & Relax 500g


  • Relax and unwind with magnesium wellness soak
  • Feel more clam and centred, naturally
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Multiple benefits



Relax and unwind emotionally, physically and mentally with Raw Medicine Magnesium Wellness Soak

Raw Medicine’s Calm & Relax Magnesium Bath Soak is a topical (Transdermal) high-dose form of Magnesium Sulphate formulated with essential oils of lavender and rosemary to calm your mind and nervous system. A revitalizing mineral combination of Pink Himalayan sea salt and magnesium chloride and sulphate relaxes the nerves and softens your muscle fatigue while hibiscus petals add to the luxurious and relaxing self care experience.

Naturopathically formulated, this product draws upon the latest scientific evidence and many years of clinical evidence to create a luxurious product that you will want to use time and time again. It was created to focus on assisting the nervous system (stress and mood) and adrenal function (energy and sleep) whilst keeping in mind a relaxing and soothing topical option that can become part of your self care ritual.

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