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Tea Tonic Organic Dark Chocolate and Black Tea (loose) 500g


Rich in antioxidants
Indulge with a dollop of cream
A taste bud treat that won’t stick to your hips
Delicious alternative to hot chocolate
Organic, caffeine free, vegan friendly, & gluten free


A powerful combination of flavour rich ingredients. A delicious alternative to hot chocolate (that won’t stick to the hips). Blend and warm with milk to make a chocolate latté. Indulging your taste buds is now sinfully good for you.

High caffeine & anti-oxidant value – great for when you’re looking for a kick along.

Taste description – black tea taste, with a delicious chocolate after taste, that won’t stick to your hips

Organic – caffeine rich – vegan frienly – gluten free.

Note: Every cup of tea will provide you with 5% of your RDI of iron, add a slice of lemon to this tea to achieve an even higher absorption.

Tea Tonic – Australia’s healthiest organic tea range. Australian Certified Organic.

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