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Tea Tonic Organic Golden Pu’erh Tea Nuggets 38g


The Whiskey of Tea, rich and earthy in flavour
Naturally occuring probiotics
Pairs well with rich desserts
Best consumed after meals
Organic & low caffeine


Aged to perfection, like a great whiskey. Earthy and incredibly satisfying. The tea leaf is unique to the Yunnan Province in China and is processed naturally to encourage microbial fermentation after the leaves are dried. Stored for many years allowing for this process, Pu’erh Tea contains naturally occurring probiotics. It pairs well with rich desserts and is traditionally consumed after meals. Each golden nugget will make up to four infusions without losing its distinctive taste, each infusion taking on a slightly different flavour profile.

Each pyramid contains 7 Individual nuggets, individually wrapped in gold foil.

Taste – The Whiskey of Tea, rich and earthy flavour.

Tea Tonic – Australia’s healthiest organic tea range. Australian Certified Organic.

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