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Tea Tonic Organic Matcha Green Tea Platinum Tin 30g


Pure green tea
Power, stamina and endurance
Metabolism booster
Organic, vegan friendly, & gluten free


100% Stone Ground Organic Green Tea

1 cup of Matcha is equal to 10 cups of green tea in health benefits… That’s why we call it the caviar of tea.

Gain the endurance of a samurai warrior. Everybody needs power, stamina and endurance.

An amazing antioxidant. Power start your day and boost your metabolism; greater than your regular cup of green tea.

It has the equivalent caffeine content as half a cup of coffee, with no jittery come down. 30g caffeine per serve, less than half a standard coffee.

The production of Matcha Tea is very elaborate as the stems and leaf veins are removed so the fleshy part of the leaf remains. Granite stone grinders reduce the leaf to a very fine prized powder.

Note: Only organic Matcha is 100% lead free.

Tea Tonic – Australia’s healthiest organic tea range. Australian Certified Organic.

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