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Weleda Firming Day Cream Pomegranate (Active Regeneration) 30ml


Renews and protects, for radiant skin after the age of 40
Antioxidant – protects from free radicals.
Regenerating, with proven effect on skin bounce, tone and bloom.
Wrinkles are reduced and skin feels smoother.
Suitable for use under make-up.


Your daytime companion for skin vitality, this quickly absorbed cream protects from harmful free radicals and is specially formulated for radiant skin after the age of 40

Weleda cherishes the ancient wisdom which held pomegranate as a symbol of life-force, vitality and longevity. In this Firming Day Cream, precious organic pomegranate oil is carefully blended with golden millet, argan and macadamia oils to create a light cream which nourishes and regenerates during natural ageing.

Weleda has more than 90 years of experience in manufacturing natural cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. In line with their motto – in harmony with nature and the human being – Weleda is committed to treat nature in a responsible and caring way. The high quality and availability of their raw materials is secured through biodynamic cultivation in their own medicinal herb gardens, or by certified wild collection, or close cooperation with long-term contractors.

Weleda place great emphasis on sustainable and socially responsible trade, more commonly known as fair trade. Weleda consistently avoid synthetic dyes and fragrances or ‘nature-identical’ preservatives. Only natural essential oils are used for the perfuming of their products.

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