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Tara’s story – taking low tox one step further

Tara has been a friend of mine for several years, when she started experiencing an increase in her asthma symptoms she came to me looking for some ways to reduce her toxin load. Her doctor had recommended an increase in medication but Tara knew that was not the only way to lessen the symptoms she was experiencing.

Together we had worked out great substitutes for her air freshener, insect spray and personal care products like deodorant. At the time this was enough of a swap for Tara and her asthma symptoms settled down with the changes she made and the support of her doctor.

Low tox to support fertility treatment

It was a few years later that Tara came back to me and in her words wanted to ‘get serious’ about the products she was using and cut out all the toxic chemicals she still had in her home. She has already seen how effective low-tox products could be so she knew it would be possible to switch out the other products she was using relatively easily. The catalyst for Tara was her fertility journey, she had been trying to conceive for 2 years and was just about to start her first IVF cycle.

We had already spoken about my own IVF journey and how it made going low tox even more important for me and Tara felt this would be a good thing for her to prioritise too. Since we first substituted some of her products Tara had slowly transitioned other products in her home, but now it was time for a complete overhaul.

We worked through her whole house together and made a list of all the products she was still using that may be having a detrimental effect on her fertility. I can tell you the list was a lot longer than Tara expected, once we start looking it’s scary how many products are lurking in our homes. There was also a couple of products that Tara had picked up at the supermarket on a whim that seemed to be environmentally safer but in fact were just as harmful.

Our no nasties commitment

We used information like this list of harmful ingredients from Choice to check the products Tara had that she was happy to keep using and some of the products that declared they were ‘natural’ were far from it! We were also able to get information from some of the product websites that helped us make decisions about what to keep and what to get rid of. For more information, the Ecolix ingredients policy outlines our commitment to only stock low-tox, natural, cruelty-free, and fertility-friendly products.

It took us some time to work out the products we needed to replace and find the best substitutes but this is something that Tara won’t ever have to do again. She now has a great list of products that she loves and knows are safe and she also has some great resources to check the safety of any new products she decides to use. Of course, Tara also knows that she can just head to Ecolix and find everything she needs and I will have already done all the groundwork for her too!

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