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Want to detox your workplace? Here are some simple steps to get started

The impact of harsh chemicals is something that concerns many of us. Whilst at home you can control what comes in the door, your workplace might be a whole other kettle of fish!

Given it’s a communal space and one which you may not have the final say in, it can be hard to negotiate the needs of everyone in the space. But many of us spend more time in our workplace than anywhere else so it’s vital to try to create positive change here as well as home.

The chemicals we expose ourselves to can have far reaching effects in our lives including:

  • Allergies are one of the biggest concerns. For many typical supermarket products can cause allergic reactions both in the long and short term. It can be difficult to know exactly what is in some of these products making them an unknown danger to those who experience multiple allergies or sensitivities.
  • Health concerns – the impact of toxic chemicals on our health has been well documented.The problem Is that a lot of these products have been in our cleaning products since we were children, the familiarity of them can make it difficult to see them as a danger. But when you are going through big health challenges eg IVF it’s important to do everything you can to reduce your exposure.
  • The environment – it’s not just us humans who are impacted by toxic chemicals. The animals in our world and our environment itself pays a heavy price for the products that are in many households and workplaces across the globe.

Workplaces have a variety of products that are used on a daily basis so let’s break down some of the areas that you can swap products for something no tox:

  1. General cleaning – workplaces, just like homes need to be cleaned regularly. Perhaps even more so given you may be inviting potential clients and customers in. This category also includes any cleaners that are used if you outsource cleaning to another company.
  2. Kitchen cleaning – this category includes products such as dishwashing liquid and dishwasher powder as well as surface cleaners.
  3. Mould remover – mould can be an issue in workplaces just as it is in homes and mould removers are one of the most toxic products we have on the market.
  4. Air Freshener – For both the bathroom and generally around the office air freshener are often used liberally especially in automatic dispensers. We often become desensitised to the smell so this is one that often gets overlooked.
  5. Bathroom Cleaning – most workplaces have some kind of cleaner stored in the bathroom so that staff and guests can use it as needed.
  6. Laundry Products – not all workplaces have laundry that they do inhouse but if you do this is another area that you can look at swapping out some of your products for something no tox.

Ok, so now we have our 6 areas you can make a list of all the current products that are being used and start finding some alternatives. But what if the other members of your workplace aren’t quite so keen on making changes?

Start with solutions not problems. It can be a good idea to introduce a trial product to start with here so that other staff members can see that natural products can work just as effectively. If you are planning to approach your boss with a long term plan then coming in with a list of all the products, their prices and where they can be sourced can be helpful. No one enjoys being handed a problem that means they have to do a lot more work.

Speak to the people it will affect the most first. If you have a regular cleaner start there otherwise there may be some staff members who are responsible for certain cleaning duties. Getting their input before going over their heads would be advisable. The other people to consider in this scenario are those who are being affected by the current products being used. Getting them on your team can increase your bargaining power.

How can I help?

I know how difficult it can be to start this journey, it’s one of the reasons I started Ecolix to begin with. If you are struggling with what products would work best for the cleaning tasks you need covered I am always happy to help you by researching the best choices and making some suggestions that I know will work. If you are ready to make the switch you can get in touch here.

Julie x