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Why a Good Natural Skincare Regime is Important for Mums

We know Korean skincare regimes are the latest big trend in the beauty world, but they just aren’t practical for a busy new mum or mum on the go. That’s not to say that a good natural skincare regime isn’t essential. Quite the contrary, a good skincare regime is very important for all mums but mostly new and breastfeeding mums whose hormones are doing all sorts of weird and wonderful things to your body.

The human growth hormone that made your hair shine and skin smooth when you were pregnant is leaving and the sleepless nights increasing, all of this means that your skin can end up looking and feeling tired which can lead to you feeling a little neglected.

It’s vital for your health and wellbeing and your baby that you take care of yourself, mumma, even if you can only manage a quick five minutes, you’re sure to find a skincare regime that suits you. In this article, we lay out some great products to help.

Our range is entirely natural to ensure that the pampering you give your thirsty skin has nothing nasty in it. New mum skin is an ever-changing beast, and you need the most natural and kind skincare possible.

We’ve put together a quick three-minute skincare regime for you with some products that we know work great for mums.

Get a good cleanser

Antipodes Gel Cleanser Juliet Skin BrighteningCleansing is an absolute necessity for a good skincare regime, and cleansing removes any dirt, sweat, makeup or grease that builds up during the day and the night as you sleep. A good cleanser is essential, and as your skin is in a state of flux as a new parent, you need a cleanser that is a good allrounder.

We love the antipodes skincare range, and the Juliet Skin-Brightening Gel Cleanser is a skin brightening gel that is soft and gentle and suitable for most skin types. This cleanser is a great allrounder product, and you won’t have to worry as your skin changes, this will adapt with you.

Burt's Bees facial cleansing towelettesWe understand that sometimes especially as a new mum, you are too tired to go through a skincare regime, and the thought of cleansing as you fall into bed just feels like too much hard work. Don’t worry, mumma we got you covered.

These brilliant wipes are all-natural, gentle and oh so soothing. Burt’s Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes are formulated with white tea extract and cucumber to soothe and cool the skin as they cleanse. The cooling cucumber is a great way to refresh your skin before bed.


Botani Soothing Facial MistThe next step is to tone, toning helps to tighten your pores to prevent dirt and debris from getting in, and if it’s a good toner, it will help to brighten up the skin.

Botani Soothing Facial Mist (for all skin types, including sensitive and dehydrated skin) is another excellent all rounder product. As suggested by the name, it’s made with plant-based products, and we love it because it can serve many purposes. This mist is cooling and hydrating and will help to brighten tired and dull skin. It can be used for a pick me up throughout the day, and it can be used to set your makeup. This hard-working little toner is a handbag must-have.


Moisturising has been drilled into us since we were little girls and it’s clear to see why. Skin that is moisturised and hydrated is less dull and holds its shape better. As a new mum, you want to choose a versatile moisturiser rich in vitamin E to help stave off dryness and protect against the elements and pollution.

Australian Creams MkII Cream Avocado OilWe love Australian Creams MKII Avocado Oil deep moisturising and protecting cream. It is super hydrating for thirsty skin and helps to restore your skin’s natural elasticity. It is nourishing and prevents dryness. Kind and gentle on skin, this cream was made right here in Australia with mums in mind. Avocado oil is easily absorbed by the skin, increasing blood circulation to the area. Avocado also sloughs away dead skin cells, generates new cell growth and is excellent for preventing and treating breakouts.

This cream will leave your skin healthy, glowing and feeling baby soft.

A good quality skincare regime is essential, and one that can be done in a hurry without compromising on quality is even better. We love these products for their versatility. They are designed to ensure that those sleepless nights don’t show on your face.

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